• Recycled Paper

  • Recycled Soy Ink

  • Share Royalties with Artists, for Life.

  • Created with Intention & Magick

🌈 Understand Yourself Better

We create sustainable decks & tools to support you on your spiritual journey & awakening.

"As a person who owns many decks, this one is incredible. You are reading this for a reason. If this deck calls out to you, buy it because it’s for you"

Teressa. L


Turn Your Tarot Vision into Reality: Create, Sell & Scale Your Deck with Confidence.

The "Create, Sell & Scale your Oracle & Tarot Deck" online course is designed to guide individuals in turning their tarot visions into reality. The course covers the entire process, from creating a prototype to handling production, shipping, advertising, and scaling sales on Amazon FBA, B2B, and Kickstarter. It provides the tools needed for a successful launch and growth of your tarot deck business, regardless of experience level

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