Our Mission

Help you connect to your spirituality, yourself & those you love.

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At Medicine, we only create products that carry the energy of sacredness & magic.

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We believe rituals and intentions matter, and this is why we carefully create everything with intention and ritual. We do this to pass the sacred energy to you and help you to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit, Ancestors, Guides, Angels, or any form of divination that speaks to you.

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We share readings and message that speak to you and offer you a fresh perspective and deeper connection to your intuition. We co-create with artists that consciously create with their heart and soul, to channel the words and visuals that will guide you and expand your perspective when you desire some love and support.

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We contribute to the flow of abundance by sharing royalties with artists for life, giving you the opportunity to contibute to the abundance of these mystical artists, too.

We are a Remote Brand ๐ŸŒ–

We travel everywhere from one conscious community to another to grow within ourselves. On our way, we always seem to find the most aligned artists, mystics, & channellers that bring you the intional creations you'll find on our website.

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Our Story

Meet Medicine's Founders

Jenn & Flo

"We met on our travel, became best friends, started a spiritual journey together, fell in love, got engaged at the end of a mushroom trip, got married a few months later, and eventually our company, Medicine, fell onto our lap."

Chapter I ยท The Deck

(Story shared by Flo)

It was magic. You'll understand why.

It all started in Thailand in the summer of 2019.

I was looking for a projector for my vegan restaurant. I posted on a conscious Facebook group to look for one and ...
... Lili Acuna (one of our artists) offered to lend me hers for a few days and invited me over to pick it up.
She had a very warm house with beautiful plants, full of color. She gnerously offered me tea and invited me to... pull a card.

It was her very own oracle deck... 7 years of work.

What is an Oracle Deck? I thought

Curious, I pull a card and read the message. Wow. I still have the photo on my phone.

The card, the deck, the message, it spoke to me like magic. I had to get a deck of my own. So I did.

I used that deck every time a friend was coming over, it was like a ritual. And every time, magic continued to unfold.

Discover the Spiral Oracle

Chapter II ยท Follow Your Heart

Covid happened. I lost one restaurant. I was burnt out, and here I was looking for meaning.

I told Jenn and she shared that she was feeling like she wanted something more.

One of my friends said to me, "If you are doing things for money, you'll never succeed. You have to pursue what you love and believe in".

I thought about this. This friend was right. I didn't know what to do, though.

I felt so lost, so I pulled a card from the Spiral Oracle deck made by Lili and ...

I had an "A-ha" moment. That's itI I'll contact Lili and see if my wife and I could sell her deck on a large platform while sharing royalties with her.

I mean why not, I believe in it and use it almost every day. I was so pleased beause when I asked her...

She said "YES!"

And soon after, there we were, selling our first oracle deck.

And that was the beginning of Medicine.