• Can I print one of the Medicine site pages?

    You are welcome to view medicinethebrand.com, save or print individual pages from these sites for personal and noncommercial use, based on the provision that you have read, agreed and accepted the notices and terms. You may not copy, modify, distribute, publish, display, transmit or create derivative works from this site without prior permission from Medicine.

  • Can I use the Medicine logo?

    The Medicine logos and trademarks used and displayed on the Medicine site and throughout our social media are registered, meaning that they cannot be used in any way, including advertising, without prior permission of Medicine.

  • Are the images on the Medicine site true colour representations of the products provided?

    We strive for an accurate portrayal of products and services on our website, however, computer screens, monitors and scanners may vary in their reproduction of colour. So, all picture colours, products and swatches displayed should be regarded as approximations.

  • Will the website change?

    As we grow and update our products and services, the features, specifications, content, services, products and their prices listed on this website may vary or change at any point.

  • How can I contact you?

    Email us at team@medicinethebrand.com