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Online course Create, Sell & Scale your Oracle & Tarot Deck

Online course Create, Sell & Scale your Oracle & Tarot Deck

★★★★★ 87 reviews

Co-created with visionary artists. Each card and message has been channelled from a mystic entity. It comes with a guidebook that contain poetic messages to speak to your Soul and help you connect to your intuition and gain clarity and guidance through reflection of any life situation.





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This online course teaches you how to bring your Oracle and Tarot deck from idea to reality. You'll learn how to create your deck's prototype, handle production, shipping, and advertising. The course covers how to scale your deck's sales on Amazon FBA, B2B, and Kickstarter, giving you the tools you need to successfully launch and grow your business. Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or just starting out, this course will guide you through the process of creating, selling, and scaling your Oracle & Tarot deck.
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"Each card I pull is giving me goosebumps, it's like it is speaking to my Soul."

- Anna M.

Who is this deck is for?

  • Writting Style

    This is for those who feel attracted to literature and poetry.
    It includes beautiful metaphors and guiding actions.

    If you enjoy an artistic and sophisticated read, this deck is for you.

  • Artistic Style

    The art on the card is for those who appreciate intentional hand painted creations.

    The artist has a master in fine arts and has used a mix of her education and intuition to create these little masterpieces.

  • Spiritual Connection

    This deck is for those who wish to seek guidance from mystical beings and are willing to face both the light and the shadows these Mystics share.

    The guidebook includes guidance & tangible actions for your spiritual journey.

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Take a look inside

The Cards, a sample.

All of the cards have been channeled and hand painted 🎨

  • 🌱

    Printed with Recycled Paper

  • 🌱

    Printed with Recycled Vegan Soy Ink

  • 🌈

    Artists Receive Royalties, for Life

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Buy your deck to discover all the cards & messages 🌈

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The Guidebook.

One card, one message.

Wait, there is more.

We wanted to make sure to give you the best value. So we did.

Check this out 👇

  • Magnetic Premium Box 🧲

    All details matter. We've chosen the best possible box for you to keep your deck protected.

  • Blessing inside 🌈

    Because words are energy, we added a blessing inside your deck to keep the magic potently loud.

About the Artists.

Pujasree & Kevin

Channelled & hand painted in India 🇮🇳

Order today and disccover the intention of your deck.

Indeed, our deck is delivered to you in a shuffle order. That means that the first card that will appear on top will be a guidance for you.

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